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Advice and Coping when Moving With Kids

Advice and Coping when Moving With KidsMaking a significant move when children are involved can be challenging, to say the least. Moving is hard on anyone. There is so much to coordinate and so many things to adjust. It can be even more difficult for those that are underage. The idea of leaving the home they have become accustomed to and leaving friends behind can be devastating, especially to teenagers. There are, however, steps you can take to make the transition easier.

Change can be good, but it can also be very scary for children. One way you can make things easier is by discussing with your children practical ways they can stay in touch with friends and family. Traditional ways like phone calls and letters are now met with newer options, like e-mail and video chat. Leaving beloved teams and activities may be another touchy area for children. Help them by finding out ahead of time all the activities available that might interest them in their new home. This can be a great way for them to get involved and make new friends. A new school can be another big change that presents some anxiety. Meeting with other parents and their teenagers or children at the school can help all of you make the transition. They can often give you valuable advice while providing companionship. If riding the bus is new to your child you may want to drive him or her to school for a while until they adjust.

Teenagers can be especially possessive over their belongings. One area of frustration may be the fear of other people handling their stuff or it getting broken in the move. You can take the time to show your teen how to pack their items safely so they can handle their own things. You can find creative ways to get younger children involved in the packing as well so they feel involved. Often children and teens are busy with all their current activities, the thought of all the time packing to move can cause stress. Discuss as a family how you will handle the time constraint. Ask your teenagers for their advice and make sure you take the time to make moving as fun as possible.

Though, you want your children and teenagers to be involved in the move, try not to overburden them. They will need time for school and ordinary activities. You don’t want to make them feel responsible for crucial decisions. Use positive reinforcement and be sure to check how your children feel. You may even want to have a movie night or do something fun to celebrate at varying achievement points during the moving process. Moving can be challenging, but exciting. With these tips, you can make the transition much easier.

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