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Budgeting for Your Move

Budgeting for Your MoveMoving is always an expensive proposition. While you can save money by moving yourself, there are always unexpected expenses that will drive the bill up. Preparation is important in everything, and preparing for your move financially will help you avoid ugly surprises on moving day. Here are some tips to help you properly plan for the big event.

Moving Out Expenses

Leaving your current home won’t be free. Renters need to clean the place if they expect to get their deposit back. Homeowners who are selling are expected to leave the place spic and span or face fines from the real estate company. You should budget in the cost of cleaning supplies or a cleaning service to avoid nasty surprises. If you have pets, you should plan on paying to keep them in a kennel when the movers arrive to pack the house.

New Residence Expenses

Renters will face expenses like security and pet deposits. Application fees can get expensive, and people who are buying will have to allow for mortgage expenses. You also may want to hire a cleaning service to make sure the new home is tidy and fresh. It’s also wise to set money aside for security deposits if you are moving into your own place for the first time.

Transportation and Moving

Hiring movers is the most efficient solution, although it will also prove the most expensive. If you are interested in hiring movers to make your life easier, call around for estimates based on the size of your home and distance of the move. Otherwise, plan on renting a truck, paying for gas, buying boxes, tape and wrapping paper. You should also account for the time you will spend on packing. If you will have friends come help you, then plan on buying beverages and snacks for the volunteer labor. If you do hire professionals to transport your belongings, you should account for the expense of transporting your family to the new location. This includes gas for the car, hotels if you are covering a large distance, tolls and food for the road.

Sources of Income

You will find that there are also handy income sources when you finally make the move. If you are going from renting to owning, then you may have a security deposit coming to you in the next few months. As you are preparing for the big day, sell off the clutter and unwanted items that you don’t care to move. Use sites like Craigslist or garage sales to move the items quickly. This will get them out of your way and put fast cash in your pocket. If you are taking a new job, then you may also have vacation time you can take for an extra paycheck.

Moving is an expense. While you can save money by moving yourself, you may decide that the savings is not worth the extra time it will take to pack an entire household yourself. Hidden expenses include new deposits, cleaning fees, kennel expenses and the actual costs of moving the family. However, with some careful planning, you can be prepared for the move and the financial cost.

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