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Make It Easier When Moving With Kids

Make It Easier When Moving With KidsMoving can be a stressful time for the whole family. While you are trying to complete all of the tasks on your To-Do List, it can be easy to forget how hard moving is on children. Many of us remember the sad experience of moving as a child. It can be frightening to move away from your friends, school and familiar surroundings. Change is not always easy, but you can follow these steps to make moving easier for your kids.

There is no way to get around the fact that moving is a lot of work. Even if you hire a moving company, you will have to do plenty of prep work to get ready for your move. It is important to simplify some tasks so that your children to contribute. Having basic tasks to complete will allow your kids to realize that they are an important part of the moving process.

Moving is a great time to declutter your home and minimize your possessions. Even small children can help go through a closet and get rid of items that they don't use or wear anymore. Make the process more fun by allowing your kids to sell extra items at a yard sale and keep their profits.

Children can also help with packing, cleaning and other tasks that occur during a move. Remember to praise your kids when you see them making an effort to contribute. Do not become so picky about everything being done perfectly that you do not allow your kids the chance to help.

When you are packing your boxes, don't forget to allow each child to keep at least one comfort item with them during the move. Having their favorite blanket or stuffed animal nearby will help the move not seem so scary.

Children are creatures of habit, so it can be terrifying for them to think of leaving their familiar surroundings. Let your children know that their feelings are valid, and encourage them to talk about how they are feeling. Work with your child to think of ways to remember the good times they have had in your current location. Older children might enjoy taking pictures and making a scrapbook with their friends. Remind your kids that phone calls, texting and e-mail will make it easy to keep in touch with their friends after you move.

When your children are sad, encourage your children to think about the new, exciting things that will come from your move. The Internet makes it easy to research fun things to do at your new home. Look up local parks, schools and other areas that your kids will enjoy. Does your new home have a swimming pool? Talk about how much fun you will have swimming together. Does your child's new school have a successful softball team? Talk with her about how much she will enjoy playing games with her new friends. This will help your children have things to look forward to about their new home.

The moving process is busy, but remember that your kids will need extra time and attention during this period. Take some time away from packing boxes and cleaning to just sit and talk with your children. You can laugh and cry together as you reminisce about good times in your home and look forward to making new memories in your new location.

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