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Making Your Move Smooth

Making Your Move SmoothMoving is extremely stressful. Between the long to-do list, worrying over learning a new area and dealing with the emotions of saying good-bye, it’s easily one of the most stressful times in your life. However, there are things you can do to make the process easier and less stressful. Spend less time focusing on the little details of moving and more time saying your good-byes and enjoying the companionship of your friends.

Trust the Professionals to Pack and Move

The best thing you can do for yourself is hire professional movers to handle the physical aspect of moving. It’s still a good idea to purge your belongings of trash and clutter before you have them pack, but trusting this chore to the professionals will free up an incredible amount of time for you. They can pack an entire house in just a few hours, while it would take you weeks to accomplish the same thing.

Get Everything Tidy on Both Ends

Invest in a maid service for both properties. Leaving your existing home sparkling clean will ensure that there are no problems with the new owners, and having the cleaners make the new home shine will make your homecoming more pleasant. It’s a small expense that will make a big difference in how smoothly the move goes.

Keep the Critters Safe, Calm and Happy

Moving is also stressful on the animals. A cat that slips out while the movers are packing up could be lost forever when you don’t have time to search, and a dog that runs away while the movers are unpacking could easily disappear in a new place. Either make arrangements to have friends watch the pets on moving day or have them kenneled. Sheltering them from the activity of the move will keep them calmer and it will give you peace of mind knowing they won’t be lost.

Avoid the Yard Work for the First Few Weeks

Curb appeal is everything, and you want the property you are moving into to look fantastic. Have a landscaping company come out and give your new property a special treatment by cleaning the exterior of your home and doing some basic maintenance. This will allow you to spend the early weeks at your new home focusing on settling in rather than dealing with exterior maintenance.

These are minor expenses that will make a huge difference in how smoothly your move goes. They will enable to spend your final days visiting with friends and saying your good-byes. These choices also make it easier for you to focus on making the inside of your new home beautiful. They will cost a little extra, but the expense is well worth the peace of mind you will enjoy by simplifying your move.

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