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More Ways to Lower the Cost of Moving

More Ways to Lower the Cost of MovingIt's a fact: Moving costs you both time and money, which these days are often in short supply. This can cause you a great deal of stress. But there are actually many ways you can save both money and time when you're moving, and none of the methods require you to do away with quality service in the process. Here are four simple tips to consider before you move.
  1. Get more than one moving estimate.
    Talk to several moving companies and compare the quotes they give you. As you look at the numbers, don't be afraid to use a critical eye and don't settle for a final quote until the moving professional takes an in-person perusal of the belongings you need to have moved. An over-the-phone quote won't do; this needs to be on-site so that the mover can see everything. Then you can be sure to have a more accurate quote. Without it, you set yourself up for charges you didn't anticipate. It's illegal for moving companies to change the price of the quote if they have actually given you a physical inspection, so make sure you get one. It'll save you money because you won't bet charged for something you didn't expect.
  2. Save money by packing some of your own stuff instead of having the moving company pack away every last item.
    Items that can survive a bit of wear and tear such as your clothes, bedding, or books make excellent choices for this task. Then leave the more breakable items like dishes and sculptures for the moving company. They have the experience to pack these well, which means that these pieces are more likely to arrive in the same shape you found them in. And sometimes if you pack these items yourself, these they may not be insured, leaving you to foot the bill for their replacement after the move is done.
  3. Don't move during the busy season, so to speak.
    This means that you shouldn't move in the summer months or the last days of the months, because these times will be busier and thus, the moving company will charge you more. Like flying on off days with an airline, traveling on non-peak days could save you a considerable amount of money.
  4. Get the right insurance for the move.
    You want to make sure that your most fragile items are protected. Additionally, make sure that you inspect these treasures both before the movers pack them up and after you receive them at your new place. Report any damaged items right away. Additionally, keep photos of the items on a CD. It'll make the claims process easier, because you'll be able to show the insurance company what the item looked like.
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