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Your Move Economics

Your Move EconomicsMoving your entire household, especially over a long distance, can be very chaotic if not properly planned. It can also be very expensive if you do not take the necessary actions to reduce this cost. However, reducing the cost and stress associated with a major household move is actually quite simple. The following tips will allow you to dramatically cut costs and stress.
  • Shop Around For Service. Every moving company will have its own shipping rates and services that they offer. Some may require you to have everything on a pallet, while others will come in and move every piece of furniture and box for you. Calling around for different quotes will allow you to determine what services you actually need, and which company offers these services at the best price.
  • Packing Supplies. Moving companies do offer packing supplies to their clients, at a premium price. Shop around for shipping supplies and find the best deals. Don’t forget to frequent your local stores and ask if they have any free boxes available for you to take home. Many stores will set aside boxes if requested by the customers. Saving old newspapers for filler material will also help you pack your breakable goods without incurring additional expenses.
  • Pack Your Own. While many shipping companies offer packing services, you can save hundreds of dollars by packing your own belongings instead. This will also allow you to mark each box or container in a manner that helps you sort boxes when you are moving into your new home. Unpacking will be stress-free if you know which room the box belongs in before it is even opened.
  • Schedule Your Move On Cost-Effective Days. One of the easiest ways to save money when using a mover is to ship your goods in the middle of the week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the cheapest days to ship your personal goods. Fall and winter time also will bring you reduced rates.
  • Consider Shipping Your Car. While this is not always feasible, it is an option. If you are making a large cross-country move, it may be easier to fly to your destination and ship the car. This will, of course, depend on the size of your family and the cost of gasoline.
  • Cancel Memberships. Many people forget to do this simple task when they are moving. If you belong to any type of recreation organization, gym, or association, cancel or transfer your membership.
  • Shut Off Utilities And Collect Deposits. Make sure that you have a scheduled shut-off date on all your utilities and have provided a forwarding address for your deposits. If you were renting, arrange for an inspection of your property, before you leave, and have your landlord provide you with your deposit before leaving the area.
  • Tax Deduction. This is perhaps the most important fact on this list. If you are moving to a new location due to employment, you have the ability to claim a large portion of your expenses on your tax return. Since tax laws continually change, it is advised that you contact the IRS directly, or use their website, to find out what deductions you can claim at the time of your move.
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