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What to Expect from Moving Companies on Moving Day

What to Expect from Moving Companies on Moving DayWhen a moving company arrives at your home, they will bring along a collection of specialty boxes, papers and other packing materials. They will also have an inventory sheet for tracking what they are packing as they go. While square boxes will be used for most items, your collectibles, hanging clothes, artwork and large mirrors will go into specialty boxes. The team will work efficiently and quickly, and you may be surprised at how fast a professional team can pack your belongings.

The movers will not sort through anything when packing, so you should try to purge any clutter or garbage before they arrive on moving day. As they come across damaged items, they will show them to you and mark the damage on the inventory sheet. This is for their protection and to keep you informed. All boxes will be clearly marked with the room they came from and closet names, so it will be easier to unpack when you arrive at your destination. The boxes will also be numbered and marked on the inventory, so you will receive all your belongings when the truck makes the final delivery.

A team of workers will load the furniture and boxes onto the truck. Carefully stacked and meticulously placed, your belongings will probably be packed tightly into the truck for transport. When the truck arrives at your destination, the team will unpack the truck and carry boxes into your new home, placing them in the appropriate rooms. One of your responsibilities will be to check boxes as they come off the truck to be sure everything is received. Look at large pieces of furniture as they are carried in to be sure there are not any scratches, tears or other damage.

If your items have to go into storage, then you can expect that your boxes will be placed in a storage facility and left there until it is time to move into the new residence. At that time, they will be loaded onto another truck and transported to your home.

As the boxes are carried into your new residence, you will need to supervise the moving crew to make sure they go in the proper rooms. Before signing the final inventory and acceptance forms, you should walk through the rooms to be sure every box is in the right area and nothing has been left behind. Boxes should also be inspected for damage before you sign off on the final acceptance and waiver form. If you find that damaged items when you are unpacking, then you will need to file a claim with the company for the damages.

While the company will pack your home quickly and effectively, the unloading process will be even faster. In a whirlwind of activity, your belongings will be smartly placed in your home and left for you to open and start unpacking. It may seem overwhelming to look at all the moving boxes stacked around your home, but you will soon have the pleasure of unpacking and organizing all your treasures in your new home.

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