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Hiring a Good Moving Company with Moving Estimates

Hiring a Good Moving Company with Moving EstimatesMoving is an exciting but stressful time in life. Although you long to get settled into your new location and begin the next phase of your life, you first need to go through the tedious ordeal of moving your belongings. Because it’s such a daunting task, your first instinct may be to pack everything yourself and call up a few friends to help stuff everything into a borrowed truck. That would be a big mistake. If there is ever a time when you should leave it to the professionals, this is it. All the items you’ve worked so hard to procure will be at risk of being damaged if you don’t ensure that someone is packing and moving them properly.

You will also be busy at this time with the other important details involved in moving. Cable, utility and television companies need to be notified and provided with your new address. The post office would like to know where to forward your mail. When you finally arrive at your new home, services have to be connected. In other words, you’ve got enough to worry about without being concerned about moving your stuff.

Hiring a quality moving company requires a bit of homework. First, you should gather at least three quotes from professional movers. Look for companies that have a professionally-designed website. On the website, read through the recommendations page from former customers. You could also ask your friends for reputable moving companies. You might also look to see if the company belongs to any business organizations like the local chamber of commerce. Check to see if the company has a Better Business Bureau ranking.

After you choose three potential companies, call them up and make sure they can provide you with an insurance certificate. An authentic proof of insurance certificate will come to you directly from their insurance company with your name and address printed on the certificate. Be forewarned that many companies will try to present you with a general photocopy of proof of insurance, but only the personalized one will help you if you end up filing a claim, so make sure you get one before you hand over a deposit.

Arrange to get quotes from each company. Most of the time this will entail them coming out to your home. They will likely ask you to walking through each room with them as they check off what you expect them to pack or move. Make sure you tell each company the same thing, so when the quotes come in you will be comparing apples with apples. Before the company representative leaves, make sure you discuss terms of service, insurance, timelines and rates for weight overages.

You may be surprised to find huge prices inconsistencies among your three quotes. This is because in the transportation industry, some companies own their own trucks and others have to contract out for trucks. If a company can combine your goods with another customer moving to the same location, you’ll see a price break, too.

Don’t necessarily jump on the lowest quote. It’s important that you choose a moving company that is willing to work with you if unexpected things happen during your move.

You want a moving company that will take care of you and the things you treasure.

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