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Moving in Oregon can be a real challenge, especially over long distances. Oregon is one of the largest states in the United States so knowing your way around can be really difficult. Planning a move can also be a very difficult task. The best way to make this burden as easy as possible is hiring a moving company. Oregon moving companies know the way around the state better than most people, even in the most obscure of locations.

Finding a good rate should be your first step. Since Oregon is so large, you will want to save as much money as you can. Some companies charge by miles while others simply charge by how much weight you wish to transport. Knowing both the distance and the weight of your goods will go a long way to help you decide what company to use. Also you will want a company that can traverse Oregon quickly for longer moves.

Contacting moving companies in Oregon and asking about how quickly they can service you will also help you decide which company to choose. Finally, try to afford the best insurance you can. Having adequate insurance is necessary on longer trips as the potential for damage rises with distance.

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Oregon is situated in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States of America. Oregon is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Washington, Idaho, California and Nevada. The Willamette Valley is the most heavily inhabited and agriculturally fruitful area of the state.

Oregon is among the most varied countryside of any state in the U.S. It is famous for its high, thick forests; its nearby and beautiful Pacific seashore; and its rocky, glaciated Cascade volcanoes. Further regions consist of semiarid scrublands, grassland, and barren area that wraps about half the state in eastern and north-central Oregon. Oregon's weather – particularly in the western division of the state – is greatly affected by the Pacific Ocean. The weather condition is normally easygoing, but periods of tremendous hot and cold can have an effect on parts of the state. Rainfall in the state differs extensively.

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