How the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Affects the Moving Industry

We all are affected by the Coronavirus (the virus that causes the disease known as COVID-19). Everyone in every industry. While some are lucky enough that their jobs allow them to work from home, many others have been laid off or furloughed because their employers have closed their doors due to the Coronavirus. The service […]

Moving Insurance Explained

It may come as a surprise to you that movers aren’t by default responsible to reimburse you for the full value of damaged or lost items.Here is a brief rundown of the different coverage/insurance options available to you for your move: Released Value This is the default coverage that every mover offers. It is free […]

Ask Your Mover For

There are certain things that you need to find out from your mover. Some things you can ask over the phone and some things you can find right on their website. Here is a list of what you should find out from your mover: License Number Ask your mover for their license number. This is […]

Risks of Using a Broker

You may think you are working directly with a moving company, but in reality you could be working with a moving broker. A broker is an entity that works as a middleman between you and the actual mover. You speak with the broker and the broker hires a mover on your behalf. Here are some […]

Local vs. Long Distance Moving

Whether you are making a Local or Long Distance move will affect the type of mover you need and how your move is charged. Here is the basic breakdown: Local Moves A Local move is a move that does not cross state lines. It is also known as an Intrastate move – a move that […]