Many people wonder what the attraction of moving to Alaska is. The truth is, the capital city of Anchorage is truly a beautiful place to live and to work. It’s a city where people can really enjoy the freedom of living a pioneer way of life in a staggeringly beautiful landscape every day of their lives. The people in Anchorage have access to big-city amenities while maintaining a small-town, simple way of life. Anchorage is also a great place to be prosperous. It’s been named one of the wealthiest cities in the nation, with an average household income well over $20,000 above the average American home.

If you’re a lover of the outdoors, there’s no better place to be than Anchorage. Hunting and fishing are major pastimes here, with a wealth of game ripe for the taking. It’s also home for world-class snowboarding and skiing. The natural beauty of this area cannot be understated. It’s the last frontier in the nation, a state that’s double the size of Texas and which remains mostly unexplored. You’ll find mountains, rivers, streams, lakes, forests, glaciers and just about every landscape you can dream of.

It’s also the only state in the United States where you can get a good view of the Aurora Borealis, and that’s a sight that is never to be missed. While people think of Alaska as a frigid tundra, the truth is that in some parts of Alaska you can experience 24 hours of daylight ó enjoy barbecues at midnight and daytime fireworks. That’s something you can’t experience anywhere else!

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Located at the base of Chugach Mountains, Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska, encompassing nearly 2,000 square miles. Anchorage began as a bustling frontier town, but now serves as the hub to all of Alaska’s transportation, communication, finance, and trade industries in its thriving business district. Anchorage’s tourism industry makes it home to many attractions, including the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, the Anchorage Museum of History and Art, the Alaska Botanical Garden, and the Alaska Native Heritage Center ó as well as many more museums and local events.

Alaska is known for its outdoor splendor, and Anchorage is no exception. The Chugach State Park, one of Alaska’s many parks, is a half-million-acre park that offers hiking, skiing, camping, and snowmobiling. Anchorage also offers what is quite possibly its greatest jewel: the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. If you’re considering a move to the beautiful city of Anchorage, you’ll need the best information and resources. Learn about the area demographics and real estate market in Anchorage, and how can make your move easier by providing you with free moving quotes.

Anchorage has a population of 299,107, with many residents being of Russian or Alaskan Native descent. The median household income for the area in 2015 was $78,326. The residents of Anchorage have some education, with 27.3% attending college, 8.3% attaining an Associate’s degree, 20.9% holding a Bachelor’s degree, and 12.3% having a graduate or professional degree. If you’re looking to move to Anchorage, has the resources you need. Use the ìRequest Your Free Moving Quoteî tool on the right to receive free quotes from up to six of Anchorage’s top movers, delivered right to your inbox!

Home values in Anchorage are $290,500 on average, and rental properties cost about $1,197 per month, with no sales tax. Anchorage is a little more expensive, but it offers a suburban and urban mix, making it a far-north equivalent of any of the major cities in the lower forty-eight states. Looking to move to Anchorage? Moving is easier with Use our free moving quotes request form on the right, and sit back, relax, and wait for your free quotes from the best moving companies in Anchorage to be delivered to your inbox.