Arizona as a state has so much to offer those who move here, and while there’s plenty to get from well-known cities like Phoenix, there’s a lot more to be had from a city like Chandler. People who live in this town tend to stay here for life. It becomes a part of them. From great weather all year round to an outstanding central location to constant things to do, great schools and a solid job market, it’s all right here.

Have you ever dreamed of having Thanksgiving dinner on the back porch or patio? People do that in Chandler all the time. There are golf tournaments in the middle of winter and car festivals in February. There are things to do in Chandler all year round. Phoenix is right around the corner if you want to take in a Cardinals, Diamondbacks or Coyotes game, or even a NASCAR event. It’s only 6 hours to San Diego, 4 hours to Mexico and 5 hours to Vegas. From major concerts to theatre, arts and culture festivals and more, there’s constantly something going on.

The Chandler Unified School District may be one of the best in the nation, and everything is convenient and nearby. There’s a wealth of parks and recreation facilities as well. The restaurant scene here is booming. Whether you’re looking for casual dining, trendy fare, upscale cuisine or any other kind of food, you’ll find the very best around in Chandler, AZ.

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Chandler is a city in Arizona most commonly known for being a prominent suburb of Phoenix. Affluence is abundant in Chandler largely due to computer chip manufacturer Intel. Even when general employment growth was declining, electronic component manufacturing jobs were mostly unaffected. Intel and other similar companies have partnered with the local government to ensure there are numerous employment opportunities for the hard-working citizens of Chandler.

You don’t live somewhere just to work, however. Fortunately, Chandler has attractions, too, such as its annual Ostrich Festival, the Chandler Center for the Arts, and the Arizona Railway Museum. The city was even nationally recognized for its commitment to making play a priority. If you want a reliable balance of work and play, Chandler might be the place for you, and can help.

Chandler is home to 250,202 people who are are enjoying the affluent lifestyle this city brings. The median household income in 2015 for Chandler residents was $72,695. That’s nearly double the median income for Phoenix in the same year. This is a very educated city, with over a quarter of the residents having a bachelor’s degree. When you account for some college, associate’s degrees and graduate degrees, 74.4% of residents have some college experience. Nearly three quarters of the population has been to college, making Chandler one of the most educated cities in the nation. If that’s the kind of community you’d like to join, use the tool on the right to get up to six free quotes from Chandler movers sent straight to your inbox.

Housing in Chandler is somewhat proportional to residents’ income. However, it’s a lot cheaper than plenty of other affluent cities. The median value for housing is $232,100 and renting will run you $1,118 per month. Considering the median income of $72,695, those rates aren’t bad at all. The sales tax of 7.8% only makes the deal better as it’s less than the national average. If you’re ready to relocate to this great city, can help! It’s easy ó just use the tool on the right to receive up to six free quotes from the best movers in Chandler.