If you’re looking for a city that provides an abundance of sunshine and some of the most unique natural beauty you’ll find in the entire country, there is no better location than Tucson, AZ. Countless people relocate to Tucson each year for its plentiful opportunities for fun and exciting options for employment.

For people that love to spend their free time outdoors, Tucson provides more sunshine than any other city in the US, experiencing an average of 350 day of sunshine a year. Tucson is also a great destination for distinctive plant life, as the state possesses the largest concentration of Saguaro cacti in the country. If you’re an animal lover, you’ll enjoy the Arizona-Sonora Museum, which is one of the top zoos in America.

Tucson is also home to the University of Arizona, making this a great location for anyone pursuing education. At the University, you can tour one of the largest collections of Native American artwork in the entire world. There are also over thirty golf courses in the Tucson area, providing ample opportunity for eighteen great holes. Almost no other city in Arizona provides the fun and excitement of Tucson.

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Tucson, Arizona is the perfect city for lovers of the great outdoors that have a healthy appreciation for the arts and culture scene. There are more than 30 regional museums, an opera company and a symphony as well as bike paths that cover more than 800 miles. Five mountain ranges surround the city of Tucson, Arizona, making it a hiker’s paradise. Tucson is located within the Sonoran desert and is a two-hour drive away from the state capital of Phoenix. There are nearly 360 days of sunshine, with an average annual temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nightlife in Tucson can generally be found downtown around Congress Street and 4th Avenue. You can find live music, bars and clubs in this area. If you are interested in locally brewed beer, gastro-pubs and good Mexican food, Tucson is the place for you. Let’s not forget the Catalina Foothills! It is in this area that you can find a number of upscale resorts, fine dining establishments and lavish shopping. With so much to do and see, choosing this city as your new home is easy!

In 2016, the population of Tucson, Arizona was at around 528,374 people. This city welcomes nearly 2,000 newcomers annually. The median household income was $37,149 in 2015. The city has been designed well, enabling those living in Tucson to have a work commute of only around 22 minutes on average. If that commute sounds too strenuous for you, Tucson is also a city that is small-business friendly, making it an excellent location for entrepreneurs (perhaps you can work from home!). Private homes sell on average for $131,300 and rentals cost around $756 per month. These low rental prices may be why, in 2011, Forbes online named Tucson as the Best City for Renters.

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