Thinking about a move to Sunny California? Before you jump to the bustling big cities, why not consider an amazing town like Bakersfield? It’s the home of the most oil-productive county in the nation, features a booming economy, great job prospects and a consistently solid housing market.

Are you a foodie who’s looking for great dining and cuisine experiences? Look no further than Bakersfield, where the range of dining choices is as diverse as the population – from pickled tongue to everything deep fried. Seriously, Bakersfield has deep-fried baked potatoes, deep-fried grilled cheese and deep-fried waffles. What about bacon-wrapped deep-fried jalapenos? Seriously, there’s nothing that can’t be deep fried here.

If green living is something you love, then you’ll love Bakersfield as well. There is a California Living Museum, a small and serene zoo which puts you nose-to-nose with local wildlife, and it’s in the midst of the food basket of the world, the San Joaquin Valley. They’re feeding the world, while they save it. Of course, if you’re looking for something exciting, Bakersfield has festivals galore, from the Kern County Basque Festival to the Kern County Nut Festival. If you like to geek out, check out pop-culture family fun like Camelot Park. Cal State Bakersfield even names all their dorms after Lord of the Rings locations!

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Bakersfield is a city in southern California made famous by the Bakersfield Sound, a genre of country music that traces its routes back to this lively city. It has more to offer, however, with its year round horse shows, Basque style historic restaurants and historic Fox Theater. The population of Bakersfield has been growing steadily since the 80s, not only in response to its many attractions, but in response to its booming oil and agriculture industries. Many companies are moving to Bakersfield because of its affordability and easy access to the rest of the country.

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There are 363,612 people who call Bakersfield their home, with the median earnings of $57,095 being slightly above the national average in 2015. People in Bakersfield are educated, with over a quarter of the residents having some college experience and 20.9% having at least a Bachelor’s degree. If you’re looking to join the successful residents of Bakersfield, all you need to do is find some movers. Fortunately, finding movers in Bakersfield is easy with help from Just use the ìRequest Your Free Moving Quoteî tool on the right to get your free moving quotes delivered directly to your inbox.

Housing in Bakersfield is fairly inexpensive compared to the national average, making Bakersfield an affordable location for people looking to move to this historic, energetic city. The real estate market is fair as well, with the median value of a house being $199,600, while rental units will run you about $983 per month. Sales tax is 7.25% which is lower than the California average. If you’re planning on joining Bakersfield’s increasing population, use the tool on the right to get up to six quotes from the best moving companies in Bakersfield.