Sitting as part of the San Diego Metro Area, Chula Vista, California offers a number of exciting things for residents and tourists alike. The city, whose name translates to ìbeautiful view,î has evolved from its origins as a 5000 acre development to over 260,000 people calling the city home. Chula Vista has outstanding weather year-round in addition to coastlines, parks, trails and more. A rich culture also plays a role in the city’s heritage, including events like the Chula Vista Rose Festival and the Lemon Festival.

The city’s economic stability is mostly due to the high number of small businesses that call Chula Vista home. The highest employment numbers are centered in the education and medical fields. Tourism drives Chula Vista’s economy as well, due to fantastic shopping, dining and entertainment options throughout the city.

For cost of living, Chula Vista is slightly above both the national and California averages. The city is home to two colleges as well as the Chula Vista Elementary School District, which is the largest district for K-6 students in the state.

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Chula Vista, or, translated from Spanish, ìbeautiful view,î is a city in southern California that earned its name by being located between the San Diego bay and coastal mountain foothills. This lemon capital of the world, as it’s nicknamed, offers more than just sour fruit. Chula Vista has cultivated a developing business atmosphere in its small business sector that works alongside its tourism industry to maintain a stable economy.

Like many other California cities, Chula Vista has numerous golf courses as well as theatres, the Chula Vista Nature Center, and the U.S. Olympic Training Center. There are multiple marinas in South Bay which also hosts the Chula Vista Yacht Club if you’re fortunate enough to be a part of that. Your future in Chula Vista is just one button click away. is eager to get you started.

Chula Vista has a population of 257,296 people with a median income of $65,185, which is fairly affluent compared to many other areas of California. This could be because these people are well-educated. 27.3% of residents have at least a Bachelor’s degree and 24.4% of residents attended some college. That’s over half of the Chula Vista population with college experience. If that’s the kind of place you think you might want to be a part of, use the ìRequest a Free Moving Quoteî tool to the right to have free quotes from Chula Vista’s best moving companies delivered directly to your inbox.

Affluent areas are going to have expensive homes, but it’s nowhere near the worst in the country. Median value for homes in Chula Vista is $375,700. Rental homes will run you a median price of $1,291 per month. Even the sales tax is 8.25%, which is higher than average for the area, but still lower than average for the nation. The city is well established and affluent, so you get what you pay for. Use the tool on the right to get up to six quotes from the best movers in Chula Vista to start you on your journey.