Glendale, California is the original home of Baskin Robbins ice cream, one of the most famous brand of ice cream in the world. These days, though, the residents gear towards a bit healthier choice in food, naming the local Da Juice Bar the best fast food in the city. It’s been an environmentally conscious city since way before that was a ìthing.î All the way back in 1928 the city erected its famous Miss American Green Cross statue as part of its dedication to preserving indigenous trees.

If you’re looking for outstanding shopping, this may well be the best place in the metro area for it. The Americana at Brand is far more than just a strip mall. Locals refer to it as an ìoutdoor mall experience,î and if you didn’t know better you’d mistake it for a planned community. Not too far off is the second-coolest shopping in town, the Glendale Galleria. With fine shopping also comes fine dining, and it’s got two of the best sausage delis in the entire state, the most popular Cuban bakery around, and tons of delicious Middle Eastern cuisine just waiting to be visited.

This is a city that celebrates culture, history and diversity, with over half of its residents coming from other nations. It also has an unbelievable dedication to pop cultureóhow many cities have an annual Harry Potter Roller Skate event? The famous Alex Theatre is a throwback to the grand movie theaters of 1925, when it was originally built. The Kenneth Village area is also a throwback to that era and many period films and TV shows are shot there. Even the local library dates back to 1904 and is home to one of the most massive print, media and art collections around, including performance space!

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Glendale, Arizona is a quaint city about nine miles northwest of Phoenix with a lot to offer. Aside from the convenient proximity to Phoenix, the University of Phoenix Stadium is in Glendale, so you’re in luck if you’re a Cardinals fan or want to see the Super Bowl in person as it was held there in 2008 and 2015 and likely will be again. If sports aren’t your thing, you can always visit the Adobe Mountain Desert Park, the Deer Valley Rock Art Center which is a fascinating petroglyph preserve, and more. Make sure you don’t miss out on the Glendale Glitters lighting up the trees around town near Christmas time.

Just nine miles away from Phoenix, Glendale offers access without the perils of living in the big city. Midwestern University and Thunderbird School of Global Management are both graduate schools and both call Glendale their home rather than Phoenix. If you think Arizona’s Antique Capital is right for you, will give you all the help and knowledge you need to make your move.

Glendale is home to 234,844 people, which is less than a sixth of the population of Phoenix. If you dislike crowds and busy streets, this might be the place for you. In 2015, Glendale residents had a median income of $46,776. That isn’t bad considering the cost of living there is fairly cheap. Being the home of a community college and two renowned graduate schools, the population is educated. Over half of the population has some college experience and 21.6% have a bachelor’s degree at least. To make moving easy, use the tool on the right. will get you up to six free quotes from us for the best moving companies in Glendale sent directly to your inbox.

Living in Glendale is very affordable. Median value for a home is $148,200 while rental units will run you a median $864 per month. Considering the median income, it’s safe to say that most Glendale residents can live comfortably. This is in contrast to the sales tax of 9.2%, which is above the national average and even higher than New York City. However, for most, this is a tolerable price to pay for a beautiful city that’s otherwise affordable to live in. If you’re ready to make your move, will get you on the path. Use the tool to the right and get your free quotes from for Glendale’s best movers today.