Few places in the country are more beautiful than the California coast, and if you want to live in one of the state’s premier coastal communities, your best choice just might be Long Beach. Located in Southern California, Long Beach is both a thriving coastal community and one of the state’s important ports. Even if you’ve never been to Long Beach, you might be familiar with this exciting city as the home of the RMS Queen Mary, the famous retired ocean liner.

Long Beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state of California and receives up to five million tourists per year. A few of the city’s most popular attractions include the Aquarium of the Pacifics, the world’s largest mural and the Museum of Latin American Art. Additionally, Long Beach is home to a wide range of award-winning parks where you can spend some time enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

The Port of Long Beach is one of the largest, most active seaports in the entire world, with nearly seven million containers moving through the port every year. Its designation as a vital seaport makes Long Beach one of the most economically attractive cities in the country.

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Located about 25 miles south of Los Angeles is the city of Long Beach, California. Originally named Wilmore City after the city’s developer, William Willmore, this city was renamed in 1888 because of its wide, long beaches. Long Beach is the 7th largest city in California and boasts an impressive 345 days of sunshine annually. The average temperature is 74 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, temperatures can range between 67-73 degrees Fahrenheit and in the summer it varies between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. The beautiful coastline and city architecture make it a favorite location for both movie and television crews (it also does not hurt that Long Beach is only about 30 miles from most Hollywood studios).

Two of the must-see sights in this city can be found at the harbor. The Queen Mary, rumored to be haunted, is an opulent cruise ship that originally launched for its transatlantic voyages in 1936 but has been permanently docked here since 1967. It offers daily tours and overnight stays as well as high-tea. Also impossible to miss is the large white dome that is now the cruise terminal. This was originally built to house the Spruce Goose (Howard Hughes’ flying wooden boat ñ now residing in Oregon), the first and only flight of which was over Long Beach harbor. Located in southern LA County, next to Orange County and just a 1 hour cruise ride away from Catalina Island, Long Beach, California never has a dull moment.

The Long Beach, California population is approximately 470,237. The median household income is $52,783 annually. Homes sell for an average price of $431,300 and rental units are on average $1,122 per month. According to the latest census, inhabitants of Long Beach had an average of 30 minutes in commute time to work. There are plenty of means of public transportation in this city, and newcomers will be happy to know that they are reasonably priced. Some are even free! The Passport Shuttle (red line) in the downtown area can be taken for free to all of the tourist attractions in Long Beach. Long Beach takes great pride in its sustainability efforts. It is a bike-friendly town that offers rewards for making eco-friendly choices, such as discounts for those participating in Car-Free Fridays. Bike stations are plentiful and the streets contain green lanes for bikes only.

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