Los Angeles may be the single most glamorous city in the United States. It’s the home of Hollywood, of the music and television industries, of the Walk of Fame and Rodeo Drive. If you’re into nightlife and entertainment, Los Angeles is the place to be, with clubs on every block representing every entertainment taste. It’s also a great place for taking day trips. Whether you want to visit the desert, the mountains, the beach or even Mexico, all are within a day’s drive.

If you’re looking to move somewhere where life means taking it easy and enjoying every day, Los Angeles is the place for that. It’s the opposite of the fast-paced East Coast, and fun is the order of the day in this town. It’s a diverse city where people cherish the ability to exchange thoughts and philosophy. It’s a hub of arts and culture where creativity is cherished and encouraged.

It’s also huge, and every neighborhood has its own character. If you set up shop in one area of Los Angeles and find it’s not to your taste, you can pick up and move to a new one, and be in an entirely new culture with new outlooks, like a new city-within-a-city.

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If you want a life that’s filled with fun and excitement, there’s no better city to move to than Los Angeles, California. Living in Los Angeles means having access to nearly year-round sunshine and limitless chances for both recreation and employment. Los Angeles is the home of the film, television and music industries, making it one of the best cities in the world when it comes to culture.

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When you choose to move to Los Angeles, you’ll be moving to one of the largest cities in the entire country. The Los Angeles area is home to 3,900,794 citizens who earn a median yearly income of $50,205. As you might expect from such a premier city, the majority of Los Angelinos have received some form of secondary educationó5.9% of its citizens have an Associate’s degree, 21.2% have a Bachelor’s and 10.8% have a graduate degree.

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One of the reasons many people consider moving to Los Angeles is the city’s enticing property values. The median value for a home in Los Angeles is $471,000. For Los Angeles renters, the median rent cost is $1,209. While these values can seem imposing, it just means that the real estate market in Los Angeles is thriving.

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