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Known as The City by the Bay, San Francisco, California is the financial center of Northern California. The city has grown steadily over the past few decades, making San Francisco the 4th most populous city in the state, and 13th in the country. With a unique combination of diverse population and beautiful surroundings, the area ranks high in livability. San Francisco offers something for everybody, from art and music lovers to sports fans, with many more options available in surrounding areas like San Jose and Oakland.

The economy of San Francisco is diverse with a wide number of services with high employment. While financial services and tourism are among the top industries for jobs, the city’s economy is growing in more technological fields such as biotechnology and medical research. When considering the entire Bay Area, twenty Fortune 500 companies call San Francisco home. The city’s unemployment rate sits below both state and national averages.

In terms of cost of living, the city is above the national average. San Francisco is known for private and parochial schools, as just under 30% of school-age kids go to one of these schools, well above the national average of 10%.

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San Francisco is the city where the fortune cookie was invented! That’s right, your favorite Chinese staple was invented in the U.S. by a Japanese immigrant! San Francisco also claims the perfection of Irish Coffee as a local staple. It’s where the UN charter was drafted and ratified, and it’s where the Beatles gave their farewell concert.

San Francisco is the home of the only mobile National Historical Monument in the countryóthe city’s famous cable cars. This city is full of history and wonder, and many are proud to live in it. If you’re moving to San Francisco, contact for help finding the best local moving companies to help get you to your new home!

San Francisco is an outstanding place to work. The median annual income in the city is a whopping $81,294! It’s an educated town as well, with over 59% of the population having at least some level of college education, and 53.8% holding at least a bachelor’s degree. Even better, 21.2% hold a graduate-level degree or professional degree. If you are in need of moving companies in San Francisco, CA, to get you settled, use the moving quote tool to get free quotes from up to six of the best San Francisco movers delivered right to your inbox.

Housing costs and property values in San Francisco are high, which is in line with the high annual income of most residents. Renting an apartment or condo here will carry a median cost of around $1,558 per month, while home values carry a median value of $799,600. The market is solid and stable, and people who live here tend to love the area. If you’re moving to San Francisco, California, don’t stress over finding the right movers. Use the tool to request free quotes from moving companies in San Francisco and let us do the work for you!