If you’re looking for a city bustling with cultural diversity, technological innovation and a booming economy, look no further than San Jose, California. In the region first inhabited by the Ohlone Native American population, the city of San Jose was founded in 1777 by the Spanish and became California’s first state capital in 1850. Since then, it has grown into the third largest city by population in California and the tenth largest city in the country.

San Jose is now a global city known as ìThe Capital of Silicon Valley,î and not without good reason. This bustling city houses major technological companies including Samsung, Acer, Adobe Systems and PayPal, among many more. San Jose boasts the third highest GDP in the world per capita next to the affluent Oslo, Norway and Zurich, Switzerland. As one of the wealthiest major cities in the world, San Jose is also home to the fifth most expensive housing market in the world and the most expensive housing market in the US.

A sprawling city near the coast that offers a beautiful Mediterranean climate, San Jose, CA has an endless supply of options for anyone looking to move to the area. Landmarks like the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and the San Jose Museum of Art make the city interesting and lively. So whether you’re coming for the glorious weather, the bustling art scene or the tech-savvy economy, San Jose is just the place for you.

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Nicknamed the Capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose, California is a cultural, political and economic powerhouse of the west coast. Heavily invested in technology, this city produces more U.S. patents than any other, making it a great place for start up ideas and investors. Coupled with renowned technological and performing arts organizations, such as the San Jose Tech Museum, San Jose is one of the most desirable cities to move to in California.

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San Jose is the third largest city in California, boasting 180 square miles, and is home to over one million people. Being a major technological city, San Jose prizes education as a very important thing. 25% of the population older than 25 has at least a bachelor’s degree and over 15% wields a graduate degree. Unfortunately, being a major hotspot makes San Jose a rather expensive place to live, but luckily the cost of living in San Jose is offset by the high median household income of over $84,000.

San Jose is such a popular place that it’s pretty expensive to live in, with the sales tax rate at 9.25%, which is quite higher than most other cities in America. The housing market sits high with a median of $600,000 and rental units averaging $1,500 per month, but many still consider the price a bargain for the opportunity to reside in such a lively city. With free moving quotes from MovingCompanies.com you can get started on your first step to saving money and hassle in your move.