Sitting in the northern part of the San Joaquin Valley, Stockton, California is the 13th largest city in the state. It sits an hour’s drive away from Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay area. With a diverse population and deep cultural heritage, Stockton has many unique things to offer. Whether you are taking in a show at the Bob Hope Theater or catching a baseball or hockey game, this city has everything for new residents.

Originally Stockton was known for its contributions to the agricultural industry; however, in recent years, the city has expanded to other fields, including marketing and telecommunications. The city has seen a recent boom period economically, with gains being made in job growth and gross metropolitan product.

Stockton is home to the oldest university in California, the University of the Pacific, which moved to Stockton in 1924. Additionally, the area has four public school districts with many private and charter school options also available. While cost of living is above the national average, it sits below typical numbers for the state of California.

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First incorporated in 1850, prior to that, Stockton went by many names, including Mudville, Tuleburg and Gas City. It was eventually named in honor of the naval officer who was instrumental in capturing California during the Mexican-American War. It’s also the first city in California not to have a Spanish or Native American name. It’s home to the largest inland sea port in the state and the very first chartered institute of higher learning in the state. It also has the oldest currently operating university in California, the University of the Pacific.

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Of the 299.722 people that call Stockton their home, over 50% are college educated to some degree. This includes the 11.8% of the populace holding a four-year degree, the 9.3% who hold an associate’s degree and the 5.6% who hold a graduate or professional degree. The job market is competitive but rewarding, with a median household income of $44,797 a year. Moving to Stockton requires finding the best Stockton movers to get you settled, and the process is as easy as using our handy tool to request your free moving quote today!

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