Denver, Colorado is a beautifully scenic city sitting exactly one mile above sea level, giving it the nickname, ìThe Mile-High City.î Its mile-high status makes it the major city in the country with the highest elevation, which also causes the city to be prone to colder temperatures and a decent amount of snowfall. As such, you can expect to have access to a variety of winter sports opportunities around the Denver area.

A progressive city with an eclectic population, Denver is the fastest-growing major city in the US. The ever-popular NFL team, the Denver Broncos, have become a national favorite with every home game selling out since 1970 and with eight advancements to the Super Bowl, three of which they won. Along with the sports scene, Denver is a hub for other cultural favorites as well and is the home of music artists including Bob Dylan, The Lumineers, The Fray, Five Iron Frenzy and Earth, Wind & Fire.

As if the sports and music scenes weren’t enough to attract a myriad of interesting folks, Denver also prides itself on its fine arts venues and brewery scene. Denver is the proud host of the yearly Great American Beer Festival and is home to popular brewers like Coors and New Belgium Brewing Company. So no matter what sport, art scene or brew suits your fancy, you’re bound to find your niche in Denver.

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Resting at exactly 5,280 feet Denver, Colorado is often referred to as the mile high city. Colorado happens to be one of the most cultural cities in America, with a performance art program second to only the Big Apple, New York. Denver is one of the most walkable downtowns in the nation, there are over 200 hundred park systems within the city with astonishing mountain views and enormous amphitheaters to attend. Denver hold even more fun experiences being one of very few states to have seven professional sports teams.

Being healthy with green habits such as recycling and organic food has become a national trend very quickly and this is easy to accomplish in Denver, Colorado. The city has stated itself as a model for sustainable and green cities hosting many recycling options and farm to table organic foods.

Denver, Colorado is one of America’s fastest growing cities with a growing population at 649,000 people. The population is also ranked second in education with 17.6% of Denverites having a Graduate degree and over 27% having a bachelor’s level education. Denver also has one of the lowest unemployment rates when compared to the national average. In 2015 an average household would expect to bring in around $53,000 annually, making Denver not only scenic but affordable place to live.

The quick expansion of Denver coupled with the highly educated and employed workforce leaves the home values slightly higher than average. A housing rental unit averages out to be $962 a month and house values sitting at about $172,000. Sales tax rates are 7.65%. For all that Denver, Colorado has to offer many people are willing to pay even more than that. But don’t ever spend more on moving. Let the people, move you and save a bundle of moving company cost.