When people hear about Hollywood, they usually think movie stars. But there’s a Hollywood in the East, too: Hollywood, Florida! It’s a city in the south with all the attraction of the city of stars but without the crazy lifestyle. If you’re into parties and gambling, the city’s hopping nightlife is always exciting and includes a number of great casinos. But there’s also a more relaxed evening scene as well, with live music, fine dining and great entertainment no matter your speed.

This is a city on the go, where everyone is a mover and a shaker. Whether it’s networking for business contacts or building a new charity or social consciousness group, this is a power town. It all happens at the Hollywood Boardwalk, where people socialize, bike, walk and just soak up the sun and surf. It’s a town of fast cars and fast people, where residents from just about every walk of life and culture mingle in a true melting pot of diversity and success.

It’s an art town, too. Everywhere you look you’ll see expressiveness, from street graffiti to live street performers to public art installations and art galleries, this is a city where people love creative types and the works they create. In fact, there’s even a park named ArtsPark which hosts all manner of cultural events, art walks and festivals all year round, and that doesn’t even take into consideration the awesome concerts and amazing food trucks!

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Florida is home to several of the country’s most exciting cities, but almost none is more attractive than Hollywood. Situated on the Atlantic Coast, Hollywood, Florida is both a popular spot for tourist and one of the hottest moving destinations in the state.

There are countless chances for fun in Hollywood, but one of the most popular is the Hollywood Boardwalk that meanders along Hollywood Beach. Other popular sites include the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood and the Anne Kolb Nature Center. In addition, Hollywood is a convenient drive to both Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

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Hollywood could be considered a medium-size city due to its 146,791 residents, although this number usually balloons during the heavy tourist seasons. The city’s population is split easily between male (49.5%) and female (50.5%). Education is highly valued in Hollywood, with 197% of residents over 25 attending some college, 9.5% earning an Associate’s degree, 16.8% having a Bachelor’s degree and 10% possessing a professional or graduate degree.

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People working in Hollywood, Florida in 2015 could expect to earn a median income of $46,791. The median value for homes in Hollywood is $181,700, making this a very competitive market. Residents who prefer renting to buying a home in Hollywood can expect a median rent of $1,049.

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