Atlanta is really a phoenix among American cities. Burned to the ground in 1864, it came back stronger than ever, the crown jewel of Georgia. It’s often considered one of the best places to live in the nation. With a diverse population in terms of economy and culture, and all the amenities of big city life with a uniquely southern and relaxed style of living, it’s just an overall great place to be.

If fine dining is your thing, this entire area of the South is known for its comfort and soul food cuisine, and there may be more award winning eateries in a small area here than anywhere else. There’s also entertainment galore. You’ve got college and professional sportsóit’s the home of the Braves and the Falcons as well as the Yellow Jackets from Georgia Tech. The cost of living here is just over half what it costs to live in some other big cities, and it’s among the best cities in the nation for employment and job opportunities.

Healthcare is also outstanding in Atlanta, with some of the best medical facilities in the nation. Between Grady Memorial Hospital, Emory St. Joseph’s, the Atlanta Medical Center and others, you can stay healthy and happy here your whole life. Of course, it helps to stay healthy when the weather is outstanding, and Atlanta has plenty of sunny days with an average annual temperature of 61.4 degrees.

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As the capital of Georgia, Atlanta is in many ways the iconic Southern city of the United States. It is a town of great civic pride and accomplishments. In fact, it’s one of only two cities in the world that can lay claim to two winners of the Nobel Prize: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and former President Jimmy Carter. Atlanta boasts a thriving economy, bolstered by some of the best shopping in the nation, and is home to the world’s busiest airport.

Atlanta is a town where there’s always something going on, whether it’s hot clubs and a great nightlife or a thriving arts and cultural scene, including galleries, festivals, live performances, and museums. If you’re considering calling Atlanta home, the best moving companies are just a click away when you team up with, ready to deliver free quotes to get you moving.

Atlanta is a popular place, with a population of 448,901. The people of Atlanta are hard workers and take pride in their accomplishments, as evidenced by their education: nearly 70% of the adult population in Atlanta has attended college at some level, with 27.3% holding a bachelor’s degree and 20.6% having completed a professional or graduate-level education. New residents who are looking to take advantage of Atlanta’s success need help from the best moving companies in the area. You can get set up at no cost by using the tool to request up to six free moving quotes from the very best moving companies available.

The median household income in the 2015 fiscal year across Atlanta was $47,527, making it a solid middle-class city. Median home values are $209,200 while a rental will cost you around $975 per month, with sales tax at 8%. It’s a moderately affordable town, and people flock here for both the bustling city life and the comforts of Southern hospitality. Atlanta movers are ready and willing to help you, so if you’re ready to make Atlanta your new home, just use our handy tool to request your free moving quotes from up to six of the best Atlanta movers through today!