Fort Wayne, IN is a town that thrives on specialty. If you’re a foodie, for example, there are plenty of specialty markets, farmers markets and ethnic groceries where you can get the very best ingredients and supplies for any dish you want to make. It’s not just groceries that the town specializes in though; there are outstanding shopping opportunities all over town. Boutique stores, local mom-and-pop businesses, craft stores, you can find everything from books to knick-knacks all around town.

Looking for things to do? They’re here in every variety you can think of. It you’re academically-inclined or a bibliophile, check out the Allen County Public Library System, with a recently redesigned facility with a vast collection that also integrates an art gallery, high-tech computer lab, a coffeehouse, movie nights, a theater and more. Other attractions include a history and cultural center, a ballet company, the local zoo, and an outstanding arts community full of galleries and museums. All summer long you can visit festival after festival. It’s also really close to Indianapolis for all the big city attractions, including Colts games and the Indy 500.

Unlike big city life, the cost of living here is quite low, the housing market solid and the job market strong. In Fort Wayne you get all the attractions of big city life with a down-home, small-town way of living. It’s also very centrally locatedóIndiana is known as the Crossroads of the Nation, which means you’ve got easy access to just about anywhere you want to go.

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Fort Wayne is a city in Indiana respectfully nicknamed The City that Saved Itself. Twice now, residents of Fort Wayne have banded together to fight back flood waters. This is a city where people look out for each other, a true community in which neighbor actually means something. When residents aren’t saving one another from floods, they’re seeing one of the many attractions Fort Wayne has to offer.

The city has performing arts centers and historical reenactments, but it really shines with its festivals. The Johnny Appleseed Festival draws about 300,000 visitors annually and features crafts, food and historical recreations of John Chapman’s life. Fort Wayne also hosts the Three Rivers Festival, which includes a parade, more food, amusement rides and a big fireworks finale. Think The City that Saved Itself would be perfect for your new home? is eager to set you on the path.

The residents of Fort Wayne can’t survive on goodwill alone. Fortunately median income for them in 2015 was $45,774. That’s slightly lower than average, but cost of living in Fort Wayne is very affordable. Out of Fort Wayne’s 257,059 people, well over half have at least some college experience. 17.2% have at least a Bachelor’s degree, so they’re fairly educated. If you want to add to the already wonderful population, use the tool on the right. will get you up to six free quotes for the best moving companies in Fort Wayne.

Cost of living in Fort Wayne is low. Housing is very affordable, especially considering median income with median value of a house at $100,700 and rental properties at a median $670 per month. With a 7% sales tax, which is below the national average, living in Fort Wayne can only save you money. With all the attractions available and housing prices so low, now may be the time to join The City that Saved Itself. Get free quotes today from the best movers in Fort Wayne by using the tool on the right. Save yourself some trouble. will get you settled in your new Fort Wayne home.