Indianapolis, Indiana is the largest city in the state, as well as the second-largest state capital in the country. The city has seen recent steady growth, with the fastest growing counties in Indiana located in surrounding areas. Indianapolis is known for a topography that features wide plains and rolling hills, with a climate that typically provides all four seasons.

Indianapolis’ economy is potent, with the metro area ranking 26th in the country and 42nd in the world for regions. The primary economic drivers of the city are in retail, manufacturing and healthcare. Indianapolis is home to three Fortune 500 companies and three others in the Fortune 1000. Taking into consideration the entire metropolitan area, there are nine total Fortune 1000 companies with headquarters in the region.

Overall, the cost of living in Indianapolis is mostly below the national average. The city has also earned praise as one of the best cities for teleworking and to relocate to.

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The home of the Indianapolis motor speedway and the Indy 500, as well as the Indianapolis Colts, Indiana is an awesome place to live, work and raise a family. It’s the 12th largest city in the nation and the only one that is not situated on a river. It’s the state capital and the home of the second largest FedEx hub in the United States.

Theme parks were invented here, with the first one ever being Santa Claus Land. It’s the home of one of the biggest municipal parks in the U.S. and of one of very few full-time orchestras in the nation. People here can always find something to do. If you’re considering moving to Indianapolis, Indiana, turn to to get set up with the very best Indianapolis movers today!

Indianapolis is a solidly middle class town with a median household income of $42,078. The job market is competitive here and 18.4 percent of the population over 25 have a bachelor’s degree. It’s a city where 9.9 percent of the people hold a graduate degree of some level. If you think Indy might be a great city for you, getting quotes from moving companies Indianapolis is as easy as providing a bit of information in our free moving quote tool on the right. Before you know it, up to six of the best moving companies in Indianapolis will appear right in your inbox!

Housing costs in Indy are incredibly affordable. Renting an apartment or condo in this town will cost you somewhere around $791, based on median rental costs, while buying a house looks to carry an expense of around $118,600. When the time comes for moving to Indianapolis, Indiana, don’t spend hours scouring the Web for moving companies Indianapolis, IN. Just let do the hard part. Answer a few questions and get your free quotes today!