Wichita is an amazing city among our nation’s major urban centers. It’s a town that has managed to recently undergo a major economic revitalization, while at the same time staying true to its roots, its company and its culture. It’s been named as one of the top ten cities in the nation in which to live by CNN, and the number one most affordable place to live by MSN, as well as being called the most uniquely American city by Newsmax.

This is a city that knows what it is, and cherishes its legacy and history. From the 44-foot-tall Keeper of the Plains sculpture on the Arkansas and Little Arkansas Rivers to the classic Midwestern cowboy sensibility that pervades the population, you’ll never find a more welcoming, down-to-earth community. It’s a city that loves its culture, and remembers its roots as pioneers of aviation in the Kansas Aviation Museum.

If you’re into the current craft beer culture, you couldn’t pick a better city. This town is full of the very best brasseries and brewpubs, and it celebrates that every year in the Amber waves Tour. It’s a home for arts and culture as well. The last Friday each month hosts the Final Friday Gallery Crawl that goes from the Wichita Art Museum all the way to the Frank Lloyd Wright-Allen Lambe House Museum. And those are just a few of the fun things to do in this town where you can find something new to do every day.

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Wichita is a city in Kansas that 387,147 people call their home. It’s one of the first cities where electric guitars were used all the way back in 1932. It’s known as the Air Capital of the World and the home of the Cessna, but also the very first commercially-built airplane in the U.S. It’s been a favorite refueling spot of such notables as Howard Hughes, Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart.

It’s also notable as the home of major victories in the Civil Rights movement. It’s a city with a spirit of entrepreneurship and individuality. It’s the birthplace of White Castle, Pizza Hut, Taco Tico and other national companies. There’s no doubt about it, Wichita is an attractive place to make your way in life. For people who are moving to Wichita, finding the right Wichita movers can be stressful, and that’s why MovingCompanies.com is hereóto set you up with the best moving companies Wichita with zero stress.

People in Wichita know what it means to work hard for what you want, and value the entrepreneurial history of the town. As such, they value their education, but also the hard work that goes into building something of your own. Nearly 61% of the adults in the city have some level of college education, with 18.8 having a bachelor’s degree and 9.6% having a graduate education. When you’re moving to Wichita, Kansas, don’t stress about finding the right movers to get you there. Use the MovingCompanies.com free tool and get quotes from up to six of the best moving companies Wichita, KS, delivered right to your inbox.

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