It’s harder to find reasons to not live in New Orleans than it is to find reasons to live here. This is one of the most amazing cities in the nation. It’s a city that changes people when they come here. It’s a city that goes home with you when you leave. It’s no wonder so many people are unflinchingly loyal to NOLA.

Yes, it’s the party capital of the world. There are parades, festivals, bars and clubs all over the place here, and any time of day or night you can find something going on, whether it’s a raucous gathering, a quiet glass of wine, or the outstanding local jazz music for which the city is known. It’s also, however, a city with deep culture and roots going all the way back to its colonial French and Spanish settlements. Everyone knows about the voodoo history of the area, but the vast museums, art galleries and antique stores speak to a much greater history.

This is a town where you can find some of the best coffee in some of the best coffeehouses in the nation. It’s a town with a vibrant local arts and music community that spill out from installations into the very streets themselves. It’s a town that treasures creativity with food that cannot be beaten. It’s a place where even if you’re broke, there’s always something fun to do. It’s a town where people celebrate just being alive.

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New Orleans, the Big Easy, is probably one of the most famous cities in North America. It’s got a culture all its own, and is known for everything from jazz and blues to voodoo and vampires. From Bourbon Street to Royal and Decatur Street, from the Garden District to the French Quarter, there’s always something going on in NOLA, and always something to do. It’s arguably got more culture, more arts and entertainment, and more recreation than anywhere else in the nation.

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