When you’re looking for a new city, you want to make sure you’re choosing a location committed to moving forward, which is why you should seriously consider a relocation to Kansas City. The Kansas City metroplex crosses two states, Missouri and Kansas, and is one of the fastest growing locations in the entire country. For example, it’s estimated that there has been $6.5 billion in development over the last ten years.

In addition to a commitment to growth, living in Kansas City means having access to big opportunities for fun. If, for example, you can’t resist spending time outdoors, you’ll be pleased to learn that Kansas City features 220 parks, over 130 miles worth of trails, and more than 100 playgrounds. Sports fanatics should make sure to take in a Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium, which is one of the loudest venues in the entire world.

For jet setters, Kansas City is the ideal place to live because its central location means you can fly to either coast in three hours. Kansas City is also an educational hub, with over twenty-five institutions of higher education located in the area. If you’re thinking about moving to the Midwest, Kansas City should be high on your list.

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Located in the Great Plains, Kansas City straddles the state lines of both Kansas and Missouri. This city is full of welcoming people and has a rich, storied history. One of its many nicknames is The City of Fountains, as there are more than 212 working fountains found here. Every year, the citizens of Kansas City, MO recognize April Day ó the day that all of the city’s fountains are turned on. And if you love good barbecue, then Kansas City is the place for you. Here you will find more than 100 different barbecue eateries, and lots of venues to hear some good jazz.

There are more than 22 higher education establishments in this city. In fact, Walt Disney attended art school here and this is where he began his animation career. Some of the other famous (and infamous) residents include former president Harry S. Truman, the Jesse James gang of outlaws and saxophonist Charlie ìBirdî Parker.

The population of Kansas City, Missouri is approximately 467,990 people and the median household income comes to $45,821. Thanks to sound city design, those living in Kansas City have a work commute of only around 22 minutes on average. Depending on where you choose to live in the city, there are a few public transportation options available such as the local bus system, the KC Streetcar and cabs. Private homes have the median price of $133,400 and rentals average at $806 per month.

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