Once seen as a manufacturing town, Jersey City, New Jersey has become a top destination for new residents. Over the last few years, the population has increased by nearly seven percent, making Jersey City the second most populous city in the state. The area has seen a boom period with new dining and entertainment options popping up and new arts districts thriving within the city. In addition, public transportation makes traveling from Jersey City to the heart of New York City a breeze, with many destinations within a 20-minute distance.

Even though Jersey City has expanded with new services, its primary job base remains in distribution and manufacturing, as the area serves as the center for the Port of New York and New Jersey. Other industries that call the city home include finance and construction, leading to the creation of one of the largest central business districts in the country. With the population increase, many shopping districts have also been created.

In terms of cost of living, Jersey City is above the national average. The city also has a number of public, private, charter and magnet schools, plus three colleges and a satellite location for Rutgers.

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Jersey City is unsurprisingly located in New Jersey and just might be a convenient home with just about the same access of New York City but without the expense and bustle. Jersey City is part of the New York metropolitan area being considered by some to be the sixth borough. The waterfront area developed into a huge center of banking and finance, earning Jersey City the nickname ìWall Street West.î Public transportation is highly developed with connections to Manhattan in addition to various locations in Jersey City.

Manhattan is where the action is, so if you want to absorb it in bits and pieces with a river to escape across if it becomes overwhelming, Jersey City may be the place for you. If Manhattan seems altogether unappealing, there’s always the Shakespeare festival in Hamilton Park in downtown Jersey City and the world’s largest IMAX Dome theater. MovingCompanies.com can help you into this beautiful city with just the click of a button.

259,651 people call Jersey City their home. They enjoy the proximity to New York without the high prices and still got a median income of $59,537 in 2015, which is a few thousand dollars higher than the median income for New Yorkers that same year. Jersey City residents are very educated with an impressive 47.1% having college degrees of some kind. Nearly half of the population is college educated with an additional 14.5% having some college experience. If you’re thinking that this is your kind of place, use the tool to the right to get up to six free quotes from the best moving companies in Jersey City.

While Jersey City may be cheaper than New York City, it is still somewhat expensive in comparison to many other cities in the country. Median value for a house is $319,800 and rental properties are $1,198 a month. However, sales tax in Jersey City is 6.875% which is far below the national average. If you want a beautiful city right next door to New York, MovingCompanies.com is eager to help you find your new home in Jersey City. Use the tool on the right, and the best movers in Jersey City will flock to you with offers.