Let’s get the first thing out of the way right off, shall we? Of course, the primary reason to come to Buffalo is the wings! This is the town that invented Buffalo wings, and you won’t find any better than at the Anchor Bar. But there’s so much more to Buffalo than wings. If we’re sticking to food, you can have any kind you want here. From your basic Chinese and Mexican to more exotic fare like Lebanese, Irish, Polish and more, it’s all right around the corner. This is a town with a ton of cultural diversity, with a friendly and welcoming community in just about every ethnic neighborhood.

It’s a town that’s not a huge metropolitan city like NYC, but it’s also not a small rural community. Here you can get access to every kind of urban amenity you could possibly want, but still be assured of spotting faces you know almost everywhere you go. It’s a perfect size for people who want modern attractions combined with a familiar and down-to-earth lifestyle.

Buffalo is also one of the greatest sports towns you’ll ever encounter. Whether it’s a Bills game or checking out the latest Sabres hockey game, you’ll find fervent fans at every venue, every game. It’s great for personal sports and recreation, too, as one of the most bike-friendly cities around. There’s tons of green space for biking, jogging, hiking or even just enjoying some time outside, and while you’re at one of the great local parks, you can enjoy breathtaking architecture at places like Buffalo City Hall, the HH Richardson Complex, or even the Darwin D. Martin House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Whatever your desires, they’re all right here, in Buffalo.

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Buffalo, New York is most famous for being the city that most people realize way too late in life is the namesake for buffalo wings. The city has much more to offer than wings, however. The City of Good Neighbors, as it’s sometimes called, is filled with fun features. The cuisine features the cultural contributions of Italian, Irish, Jewish, German, Polish and more, making it one of the best cities in the world to eat. Their local pizzerias offer a nice middle ground between New York’s thin crust and Chicago’s deep dish. Buffalo is home to more than 50 art galleries and the historic Canalside area.

If you set your sights outside the city, Buffalo offers convenient proximity to the gorgeous Niagara Falls just a little ways to the north. Features of this city are numerous and are continuously developing. If you think Buffalo might be the perfect place for you to call home, MovingCompanies.com is happy to make that dream come true.

Buffalo is home to 259,517 residents. These residents had an average median income of $31,918 in 2015, which is below the national average but nowhere near the bottom. 34% of the people in Buffalo have college degrees with an additional 21.3% with some college experience. Most people in Buffalo have been to college, and the work they have done revitalizing their beautiful city shows it. If you want to be a part of Buffalo’s invigoration, use the tool on the right to get up to six quotes from the best moving companies in Buffalo.

Housing costs in Buffalo are very affordable. Median value for a home is $68,800. If you want to rent a housing unit, median price is just $699 a month. This is largely because the city of Buffalo was hit hard by the recession but has been improving steadily ever since. People in the metropolitan area are continuously making more money and government efforts to revitalize the economy have been successful. Sales tax may be a high 8.75%, but it might be wise to get in now while the housing is still affordable. If you’re ready for Buffalo, use the tool on the right to get the best movers in Buffalo working for you.