Cleveland is a city with great history and a hard-working, blue collar culture. The city has a lot to offer, from a down-to-earth style of living to a welcoming community as well as outstanding historical entertainment venues, arts and culture. It’s also a hub of affordable housing (prices below the national average), and has almost 30 institutes of higher learning, ranging from two- to four-year universities. According to Forbes, the percentage of the population with at least a bachelor’s degree has been steadily on the rise since 2000.

Cleveland is a diverse area with neighborhoods dedicated to various cultural and ethnic backgrounds. There’s a Little Italy, a Slavic Village, and many others where you can enjoy outstanding ethnic cuisine, small boutique shops and arts installations, as well as community festivals like the Irish Church Festival in July, the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage and the Feast of the Assumption. There’s even opportunities for the kids to learn other languages.

Looking for stuff to do? Have you ever heard of mountain biking indoors? Cleveland has a whole park just for that. They’ve got marathons. They’ve got opportunities for biking, hiking, rowing, and miles of beaches, parks and recreational facilities both indoor and outdoor. It’s a place where young professionals, families and seniors can thrive. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for a great place to spend your golden years, Cleveland’s got it all.

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Cleveland is the Forest City, the Rock and Roll Capital of the World, C-land or whichever of the hundred nicknames Clevelanders want to call it. It’s the second largest city in Ohio and a popular spot for tourism and living. Cleveland is most famous for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where rock legends are recognized for their influence on the development of the genre.

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Cleveland is the second largest city in Ohio with a population of 390,584. This is relatively low for a city as big as Cleveland, so crowds generally aren’t a problem unless it’s the annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade. Median income for Clevelanders was $26,150 in 2015. The population is fairly educated with 9.8% of them holding a Bachelor’s degree and 5.8% holding a graduate degree. Use the tool on the right to find the best movers in Cleveland ready to deliver free quotes right to your inbox.

Real estate in Cleveland is very inexpensive. The median value for a home is $69,600. For rental homes, the median rent is $654 per month. Sales tax is 8%. With this kind of affordability, many are making the move to Cleveland. If you’re considering the move yourself, ease your transition into the Forest City by using the tool on the right and receive up to six quotes from the best movers in Cleveland.