Toledo is nestled in the northernmost point of Ohio, near Lake Erie, and is home to nearly 280,000 happy residents. This area is known mostly for its beauty and neighborhood friendliness. For instance, if you like the gorgeous changing of the seasons, you’re sure to love gazing at the Rosary Cathedral, a famous and beautiful landmark of the town. There’s also the Inverness Club and Highland Meadows Golf Course which offers a good game and a great view. So, if you like beautiful landscapes and a strong sense of community, then Toledo is calling your name.

Beyond looks, Toledo has a lot to offer in terms of opportunity and employment. The average household income has continued to grow throughout the years, meanwhile the cost of housing has remained affordable. Especially if you are in the manufacturing or technology-based industries, Toledo is a great area for any individual to live and grow. The area is also known for its large Chrysler Complex, where many residents work for Jeep. For those who are in the education field, you’ll love visiting the meticulously-run libraries and the opportunities offered at the University of Toledo.

Speaking of education, Toledo has a great public school system which makes the area perfect for raising your family. There are other opportunities for learning, such as visiting the Toledo Zoo, witnessing preserved history on the Old West End, and stopping by any number of museums or historical landmarks throughout the city. If you prefer your time spent outdoors, then you’ll have to check out Toledo’s awesome Metropark system: natural trail access all throughout the area. The people in Toledo are down-to-earth and friendly, and everyone is passionate about the wide array of food, culture, and entertainment that the area has to offer.

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Located within a few hours of many large cities, including Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and Chicago, Toledo is a cultured city on the water, with a vibrant art community and one of the finest art museums in the country. Toledo is also home to the world-class Toledo zoo, in which 9,000 animals of over 800 species are housed, and many historical museums, including the Toledo Firefighters’ Museum and the Great Lakes Maritime Museum, which offer a glimpse into Toledo’s unique past. Combined with diverse dining and opportunities for outdoor adventure, Toledo is sure to have an attraction suited to your interests and desire.

Due to the extension of the Wabash and Erie Canal, Toledo quickly grew to become the hub of industry at the boundary to the West. Known as the ìGlass Cityî because of its role in glass manufacturing, Toledo was home to many other types of industries throughout its history, including furniture production, carriages, and breweries. Toledo is also recognized as the home of the Jeep, where they’ve been manufactured since 1941, as well as many other automobiles. Despite its industrial manufacturing roots, Toledo is quickly becoming a hub for ìgreenî jobs and solar energy. With its solid industrial base, Toledo is in the position to become the next leader in innovative manufacturing technology.

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With a population of 282,275, Toledo is a mid-sized, port city. It’s also an educated population, with 9.3 percent holding an Associate’s degree, 11.2 percent holding a Bachelor’s degree, and 6.3 percent holding a Graduate or other professional degree, as well as an additional 24.6 percent having attended some college. The median household earnings in 2015 were $33,687. If you’re interested in relocating to this great city, is here with the best Toledo movers. The ìRequest Your Free Moving Quoteî tool on the right will give you free quotes from up to six of the area’s best moving companies, all within the Toledo area, delivered right to your inbox!

The cost-of-living in Toledo is fairly low, with a median value of $78,200. Rental properties have a median cost of $643 per month. Toledo also offers many properties on the Maumee Bay or Maumee River, at a far lower cost than most waterfront properties, as well as many options inland. For many, Toledo offers big-city living with the sensibilities of smaller cities. If you’re planning a move to Toledo, Ohio, use our free moving quote request form on the right and allow the best movers in Toledo to come right to you with offers for stress-free moving.