For people that want to live in one of the most exciting, historic cities in the entire country, one of your best choices is Philadelphia. Commonly referred to as the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia has been one of America’s premier cities dating back to its founding. If you choose to live in Philadelphia, your life will be filled with fun and excitement.

As you would expect, there are almost unlimited benefits to living in Philadelphia. For example, Philly is the fifth largest city in the country and is home to over 1.5 million people, making this one of the most vibrant locations you could choose to live and work. Philadelphia is also a hub of economics with more than one hundred Fortune 500 companies located within 200 miles of the city. This means moving to Philadelphia will provide ample opportunities for employment.

If you’re an individual who values creativity, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Philadelphia is a city that’s rich with culture. There are over 3,600 murals throughout the city, resulting in one of the most electric atmospheres you’ll find in the country. Philadelphia has also served as the filming location for over 85 movies, making this an ideal East Coast city for film bugs. Finally, food lovers should rejoice, because several James Beard winning chefs call Philly home.

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With its rich cultural heritage, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is quickly becoming a hotspot for new residents to relocate to. The city, with nicknames including “The City of Brotherly Love” and “The Birthplace of America,” was the site of the signing of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Many historical sites are located within Philadelphia, and the area is home to numerous museums as well as public art displays. Additionally, the city was the starting point for many musicians, including The Roots, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince and Hall and Oates.

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Philadelphia is the fourth-largest media market in the country and sixth most populous city. There are 1,567,872 residents in the area with an average median income of $41,233 as of 2016. As expected for a city known for education, the population is very scholarly, with 27% of people 25 and up having an bachelor’s degree and 11% with a graduate or professional degree. If you are in the market for the movers in Philadelphia, has the information you need. Use the ìRequest Your Free Moving Quoteî tool located on the right to get free quotes from up to six of Philadelphia’s top moving companies sent to your e-mail!

Home values in Philadelphia are on the rise as the city has become a popular destination to relocate to. Single-family homes have an average value of $143,000, with rentals averaging $1,642 a month. For those considering a move to Philadelphia, fill out the form on the right side of the page and have the area’s best movers bring their offers directly to you.