Whether you call it the Steel City, the City of Bridges or by any other nickname, Pittsburgh is a city that has a truly unique character and personality. In this city you can find everything from exclusive gated communities to hard-working blue-collar neighborhoods. There’s constantly something going on from clubbing to gaming to resorts, and you couldn’t ask for a more welcoming community.

The overall population is blue-collar to its core; even the wealthier communities have a down-home work ethic that dates back to the steel industry roots of the town. While the steel mills closed down a long time ago, Pittsburgh has weathered through good times and bad, with a consistently low unemployment rate, and a cost of living below the national average. It’s got great schools and outstanding healthcare systems, leading the nation in many areas of academic and medical research.

It’s also a city that’s undergone a cultural renaissance, with great performances from top-notch artists, whether it’s rock ën roll, country western, classical or touring casts of Broadway shows. That doesn’t even touch on sports teams ó the Steelers are one of the most beloved franchises in the entire world, and the Penguins and Pirates aren’t far behind. From the historic Strip District to the annual Arts Festival and the Warhol Museum, there’s always something fun and cultural to do, and if you’re in the mood for great food, check out the dining in any one of the tons of ethnic neighborhoods in the city.

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Pittsburgh is the home of the Three Rivers. Known as the Steel City, it hasn’t used steel as a primary industry since the 1970s. It’s the home of storied sports franchisesóthe Steelers, Pirates and Penguins. Despite a white collar renaissance turning it into a city where healthcare and education make up the lion’s share of employment, the city still maintains a solid blue-collar work ethic and powerful sense of civic pride.

Whether it’s attending the annual Arts Festival or heading to the city’s Strip District for a Primanti Sandwich, locals here are a tight-knit community and have a passion for their town. For those moving to Pittsburgh, finding the right Pittsburgh movers to get you settled is just a mouse click or screen tap away with the free tool from MovingCompanies.com.

Pittsburgh is a city that’s home to 305,928 men and women who are passionate about nothing so much as being from Pittsburgh. As a town that bases its economy on the multitude of healthcare and educational institutions in the area, one would expect education to be high, and indeed, nearly 63% of the population has gone to college, with 19.6% having a four-year degree and 18.7% holding a professional degree or graduate-level degree. If you’re looking to lay down roots, moving companies in Pittsburgh are only a click away with the free moving quote tool!

One of the factors that consistently rates Pittsburgh among the nation’s most livable cities is its low cost of living. The median household income here Is $40,715 annually, and rentals cost only around $810 per month, with the median home ownership cost at just $94,700. If you’re looking at moving to Pittsburgh, let MovingCompanies.com help you find the best moving companies Pittsburgh, PA by filling in some basic information in the tool on the right to request your free moving quote today!