Nashville is the country music capital of the world. If you’re a music fan, there aren’t many better places to live than this city. That’s far from the only reason to live here, though; it’s got near-perfect weather all year round with an average high of 70 degrees. The spring and fall last longer than the national average too, which means long, ideal seasons to enjoy. That also means that there’s never a dull moment hereósomething is going on all the time, from great arts festivals to celebrations of fine food to constant performances by big-name artists.

But what about the job market? You’re in the perfect place for that too! This is a great place to land a new jobóthe second-best in the nation, according to Forbes magazine. Even better, there’s no personal income tax in Tennessee, so you’ll be bringing home more money as well. That means you’ll be better poised to buy some real estate, which is also great as it’s one of the best cities in the country for real estate investment with a steady housing market!

But what about entertainment, culture and fun? Nashville’s got plenty. From the opera to the Country Music Hall of Fame to any of the 30 museums or more than 100 parks in the city, there’s a full range of culture, arts and entertainment here. It’s also one of the best cities in the nation for food and dining, and you might just bump into someone famous like Faith Hill or Nicole Kidman while you’re out and about!

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Nashville is one of the most exciting cities in the entire country and is also Tennessee’s capital city. Commonly referred to as ìMusic City, USA,î Nashville is the center of country music and home to the historic Grand Ole Opry. There are countless ways to enjoy the arts in Nashville, including the Nashville Ballet, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center and the Nashville Opera.

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Nashville is the largest state in Tennessee with a population of 658,506. Citizens of Nashville can expect to earn a median income of $48,368. A large amount of Nashville citizens have pursued higher education, with 19.9% attending some form of college, 6% earning an Associate’s degree, 23.6% earning a Bachelor’s degree and 13.7% earning a professional or Graduate degree.

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Nashville has some of the highest home values in the state of Tennessee. As of 2015, the median home value in Nashville was $169,600. If you plan to rent a home in Nashville, you can expect to pay $874, which was the 2015 median rent cost.

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