Austin, Texas has Native roots going back over 10,000 years and colonial roots going all the way back to the 1830s with the arrival of the first pioneers. With such a lengthy history, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Austin is the fastest growing large city in the United States and the most populated capital city in the country next to Phoenix, AZ.

With Austin’s impressive population size comes an even more impressive culture. Known as the ìLive Music Capital of the World,î ìSilicon Hillsî and a ìclean-air city,î Austin has quite the diverse culture to brag about. The city’s population is abundant with music artists and live music venues, making it an attractive place to live for people of any age and identity. Tech-lovers rejoice in this silicon city that experienced a surge of technological development in the 90s, with big names such as Apple Inc.,, Google, IBM, TI and more establishing headquarters and regional offices within the city. And with Austin’s strict no-smoking policies, you’ll be breathing clean, fresh air that’s good for the heart and the soul.

Austin, TX boasts a number of accolades such as the second-safest major city in the country in 2012 according to the FBI and the best place in the US to live in 2017 according to U.S. News & World Report. With such impressive recommendations, you can rest assured that Austin, Texas is the place for you.

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The Live Music Capital of the World, Bat City or Capital of Texas: whatever you refer to it as, Austin, Texas is undoubtedly a vibrant and lively cultural hub in America’s southwest. Austinites never have a reason to be bored thanks to the city’s extensive amount of music scenes, popular parks and annual cultural events. Austin, Texas is also a major job location, being home to many Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, IBM and Apple Inc.

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Austin, Texas is called home by over 880,000 people total with each square mile containing 1,034 people. This makes Austin smaller than many rival cities such as San Francisco or New York City. This is great for people who want the city life without the city-sized crowds. Texas has many competitive colleges, and the elite University of Texas, with more than 51,000 students, is located in Austin. With such great education options, it’s not surprising that 30% of Austin’s populace holds a bachelor degree and 5.2% holds an associate’s degree, leading to an average median household income of $57,689.

The Austin median home value is $240,800, making it slightly higher than the national average, but still a fraction of the cost when compared to the larger cities across the country. Rental units average a cost of $1,047 per month and Austin’s sales tax sits at 8.25%. One easy way to offset the cost of moving is to go to and let us help you find the best movers the city has to offer, at the best price, to get you to the Live Music Capital of the World.