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The Gulf Coast of Texas is one of the most beautiful locations in the entire country, and if you’re considering a move to this area, the town that you should strongly consider is Corpus Christi. Living in Corpus Christi provides several premier advantages, including consistently gorgeous weather and ample opportunities for recreation. For example, the high wind speed in this city makes it a dream location for windsurfing and sailing enthusiasts.

A unique fact about Corpus Christi is that the area that comprises the city is largely covered by water. In addition, Corpus Christi is home to over 100 miles of beaches, marking this as a great city for anyone that wants to spend a little time in the sun. While Corpus Christi is a great place to visit no matter where you live, the majority of its annual visitors are residents of the state of Texas.

If you’re a bird watcher, there’s almost no better city to live in than Corpus Christi, which is home to more individual bird species than any other city in the country. Corpus Christi is also home to the USS Lexington, a battleship where portions of the movie ëPearl Harbor’ were filmed. If you have a strong desire to live on the Gulf Coast, Corpus Christi is the perfect location.

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Corpus Christi, or ìbody of Christî in Latin, is a coastal city in Texas commonly known as the Sparkling City by the Sea. Because of its scenic location, it is a popular filming spot and is home to coastal related attractions like the floating museum USS Lexington, the Hans and Pat Suter Wildlife Refuge, and the Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens and Nature Center. If you want to enjoy your days by the ocean and connect with the local wildlife in Corpus Christi, this may be just the place for you.

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The 8th largest city in Texas, Corpus Christi has a population of 316,513 people. 13.4% of its residents have a bachelor’s degree and 7.5% have a graduate degree, making Corpus Christi a relatively educated city. The median household income was $50,658 in 2015. If you’re looking to move to the original home of Whataburger, use the tool on the right to receive moving quotes from the best moving companies in Corpus Christi ó delivered right to your inbox.

Homes in Corpus Christi are very affordable with the median value for a home averaging at $115,400. For rental homes, the median price averages at $893 per month. The sales tax is 8.25%, but with a reasonable median income and a reduced cost of living, moving to Corpus Christi is relatively affordable. If you’re considering relocating to the Sparkling City by the Sea, use the tool on the right to compare quotes from up to six affordable, reliable moving companies in Corpus Christi. It’s easy ó simply fill out the free moving quote request form on the right to get started!