It all starts with the mariachi breakfast taco, a morning meal staple. It’s probably the only city in the nation whose official language is a pidgin dialect of Spanish and English ó that’s right, here they speak Spanglish. That’s the result of this being a city right on the border between two different countries. In fact, the fourth-largest employer in the city is the largest grocery store, H-E-B, which is a Mexican-American grocer.

It’s right on the shores of the beautiful Lake Casa Blanca, a local attraction for swimming, biking, camping, hiking and other outdoorsy activities, and sits adjacent to its sister city across the border, Nuevo Laredo. In fact, the two form a metropolitan area that has the distinction of being one of the few metro areas to belong to two nations. Not only does the city have a gorgeous lake, it’s also located right on the Rio Grande river, which is what separates it from the Mexican border and Nuevo Laredo. It also honors labor legend Cesar Chavez with a month-long celebration every year. Even still, American pride is big here, and they also spend a full month celebrating George Washington’s birthday!

It’s a city that cherishes its creative side, with the Laredo Center for the Arts offering all-inclusive access to visual and performing arts for the entire area. It hosts art classes, festivals, exhibitions and performances all year round. Of course, for national acts you’ll want to check out the Laredo Energy Arena, and you can catch the best local theatre performances at Old Little Theatre. The Villa Antigua Border Heritage Museum is a huge tourism draw and celebrates local culture as does the entire Historic District. This is a town of pride, good living, and true Tex-Mex fusion.

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Located on the north bank of the Rio Grande, Laredo, Texas is a Mexican border town, with one of the largest inland ports. Laredo began as the capital of the now-defunct Republic of the Rio Grande. Following the oil and gas boom of the 1900s, Laredo quickly one of the most active trade centers in Texas. Laredo also offers many historic museums, including the Republic of the Rio Grande Capitol Building Museum, which recounts the history of the short-lived republic, as well as the regional artwork of the Laredo Center for the Arts. The Imaginarium of South Texas, an interactive learning center for children, and the Laredo Entertainment Center, a multipurpose facility for concerts, conventions, and sporting events, are also located in Laredo.

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With a population of 248,855, Laredo is a fairly large city in Texas. The median household income is $39,711, and 17.9 of its residents attended college, 6.3 percent earned an Associate’s degree, 12.2 percent earning a Bachelor’s degree, and 5.4 percent earned a Graduate or professional degree. Looking for the best moving companies in Laredo? is ready to assist you! Use the ìRequest Your Free Moving Quoteî tool on the right to receive free quotes from up to six of Laredo’s best movers, delivered right to your inbox.

Home values in Laredo are low, with a median value of $112,400, and rental properties averaging $763 per month, with an 8.25 percent sales tax. For a larger city with plenty of excitement, Laredo is an inexpensive place to live. Planning a move to Laredo, Texas? Use our free moving quote request form on the right, sit back, and let the best movers in the Laredo area come to you with offers to get you started.