Lubbock may be the town that gave Texas its reputation for being a hospitable state. Everyone here lives life with a smile and is eager to welcome new faces. It’s a city that prides itself on art, culture and individuality and the arts scene is hopping here. The Cultural District was one of the first recognized by the state, and thanks to this area and its attractions like a wealth of galleries, the First Friday Art Trail, tons of performing art venues and the patronage of Texas Tech university, it’s the cultural capital of West Texas.

While you don’t always hear this title associated with it, Lubbock can make an argument for being the birthplace of rock ën roll, too. If nothing else, Buddy Holly came from here, and he inspired so many other artists, his legacy has led to a thriving local music scene. With all this culture comes an appreciation for the finer things, and this is a town that produces 80 percent of the wine grapes in Texas. It’s also home to a whopping five award-winning wineries.

There’s always something going on in this town, and always something to do. You might check out the American Wind Power Center, the Bayer Museum of Agriculture, the Silent Wings Museum, the Science Spectrum & OMNI Theater, or visit the Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark. There are events, festivals and activities going on all year round, and these keep local spirits strong, and boredom nonexistent.

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Birthplace of the famous Rock and Roll legend Buddy Holly, Lubbock is one of the largest cities in Texas. Lubbock is steadily growing, due to the area’s agricultural resources and many manufacturing facilities. The National Cowboy Symposium and Celebration is one of Lubbock’s historical West attractions, featuring cowboy poetry, art, music, and presentations on cowboy culture and the American West. Much of the attractions in the area are dedicated to wild west history, including the National Ranching Heritage Center and the American Museum of Agriculture. In addition, Lubbock offers the Buddy Holly Center, which celebrates the life and music of Buddy Holly, the Silent Wings Museum, containing artifacts from World War II era glider pilots, the Science Spectrum interactive museum and IMAX threatre, the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial, and the American Wind Power center.

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Lubbock is one of the larger cities in Texas, with a population of 240,719. The median household income for the area is $44,648. Residents of Lubbock are educated as well, with 25.6 percent attending college, 6.1 percent attaining an Associate’s degree, 18 percent attaining a Bachelor’s degree, and 10.7 percent earning a Graduate degree. Looking to relocate to Lubbock? is ready to help! Just use our ìRequest Your Free Moving Quoteî tool to the right, and you’ll receive free quotes from up to six of Lubbock area’s top moving companies, delivered right to your inbox.

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