Seattle, Washington is the largest city, in terms of population, in the state and in the entire North American Pacific Northwest. Located on the coast, Seattle is also the fourth-largest port when it comes to container handling in all of North America. This rapid growth from the time of its European settlement in 1852 to today is a result of its major initial logging industry, its location as the gateway to Alaska during the Gold Rush, the contribution of the local Boeing company to World War II and the surge of modern technology beginning in the 80s.

Major technological companies, namely Microsoft and Amazon, were established in the Seattle area and jumpstarted the economic revival that led to a drastic increase in population during the 90s. These major tech brands continue to thrive and bring in new residents today.

Along with these economic factors, Seattle’s vibrant music scene also led to the city’s increasing popularity, particularly among more eclectic folks. The grunge movement began in Seattle, and big names in the music industry like Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden all share their roots in this unique city. So no matter what flavor of life you’re looking for, Seattle has it all.

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As the crown jewel of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Known as the Emerald City, the area’s history started with ties to the logging industry, but recent years show a hub for technology and seaport cargo. Seattle is known for its rich musical history, with many top performing acts from different genres getting their start in the city. Additionally, the area offers professional sports in baseball, football and soccer.

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Seattle serves as the largest city in the state of Washington as well as the entire Pacific Northwest region. The city’s population is currently 704,352, making it the 18th-highest in the country. With any city heavy on technology, Seattle carries a base of educated residents, as 62.1% of the city has a bachelor’s degree and 25.4% has a graduate degree. When you are ready to find the top Seattle movers to help with your move, count on the team at Just click on the ìRequest Your Free Moving Quoteî tool on the right side of the page to get free quotes from as many as six of the top movers in the city sent right to your e-mail!

The city’s home prices have been on an upward swing over the past few years. Currently in King County, the average home had a value of $600,000, with a cost of $700,000 inside city limits. For renters, the average monthly cost for apartments is $2,210. One-bedroom apartments have a median of $2,063 per month, with two-bedrooms going for $2,788. If you are planning to move to Seattle, click on the free moving quote request form on the right and let the city’s top movers send their best rates to you directly.