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How Do Movers Calculate Your Costs?

Local vs. Long Distance

Local (Intrastate) moves and Long Distance (Interstate) moves are priced differently. Local movers are usually charged using flat rate per hour whereas Long Distance moves are priced based on the distance and size of your move. Local moves almost always cost less than Long Distance moves.

Specialty Items

If you are moving certain specialty items, like a piano, there might be an extra charge. These items need extra care in both packing and transport and so an extra fee is usually required.

Move Date

When you move is an important factor in determining the price. For example, a Summer move is usually more expensive than a Winter move. Other things such as day of the week or holidays can affect the price as well.

Full Service vs. Partial Service

A Full Service move is one where the movers pack you up, load your stuff into their truck, drive your stuff to your destination, and unpack you in your new home. This type of service creates extra charges such as the cost of packing materials (e.g. boxes, tape, padding, bubble wrap). If you only need a Partial Service move where you will pack yourself up and use your own packing materials, your moving price will be less expensive.


There might be a need to hold your belongings in storage for a period of time. You will have to pay extra for this service and the prices vary from mover to mover.

Liability Insurance

Movers can offer several types of insurance coverage to protect your belongings. The most basic coverage is included for free by the moving company where your mover will pay you 60 cents per pound on damaged or lost items. This type of coverage can come back to bite you in the wallet if for example they lose an expensive piece.