Moving Tips & Guides

Are you looking for some moving advice? Have no fear, because here on our Moving
Tips & Guides page you can have some of your deepest moving questions answered.

Local vs. Long Distance Moving

Whether you are making a Local or Long Distance move will affect the type of mover
you need and how your move is charged. Here is the basic breakdown:

Local Moves:

A Local move is a move that does not cross state lines. It is also known as an Intrastate
move – a move that happens within one state. Local movers needs to obtain a license
from the moving authority in the state they perform moves in.

Moving Insurance Explained

It may come as a surprise to you that movers aren’t by default responsible to reimburse
you for the full value of damaged or lost items. Here is a brief rundown of the
different coverage/insurance options available to you for your move:

Released Value

This is the default coverage that every mover offers. It is free but only covers
you 60 cents per pound. This means that if you have a $2,000 treadmill that weighs
250 lbs., if your movers damage or lose it, they will be liable to pay you $150.

Ask Your Mover For…

There are certain things that you need to find out from your mover. Some things
you can ask over the phone and some things you can find right on their website.
Here is a list of what you should find out from your mover:

  • License Number: Ask your mover for their license number. This is something
    you can find on their website as well. Make sure they have a license, and then lookup
    their license number to make sure it is still active. It is not recommended to use
    an unlicensed mover because it could mean they are not qualified to move you (not
    to mention potentially illegal).

The Risks of Using a Broker

You may think you are working directly with a moving company, but in reality you
could be working with a moving broker. A broker is an entity that works as a middleman
between you and the actual mover. You speak with the broker and the broker hires
a mover on your behalf. Here are some of the inherent risks with using a moving

  • A broker may hire an unlicensed mover on your behalf without you ever knowing. As
    a matter of fact, most of the time you don’t know anything about your mover until
    they arrive at your home. They may not even be particularly experienced, resulting
    in an unqualified mover being responsible for your belongings.