Ask Your Mover For

Don't be afraid to ask your mover these important questions. They may save you a headache.
There are certain things that you need to find out from your mover. Some things you can ask over the phone and some things you can find right on their website.

Here is a list of what you should find out from your mover:

Ask your mover for their license number. This is something you can find on their website as well. Make sure they have a license, and then look up their license number to make sure it is still active. It is not recommended to use an unlicensed mover because it could mean they are not qualified to move you (not to mention it may be potentially illegal for them to move you).

Ask your mover for a written estimate, and make sure they come to your house to take down your inventory so the estimate can be as accurate as possible. While they’re there, make sure you ask them to explain how the cost is calculated.

Ask you mover what insurance options they offer.

Ask your mover where they are located. You should also check their website to see what their physical address is. Often, scam artists do not have physical locations, so it’s important to make sure your mover does.

Make sure you mover gives you a contract to sign. Don’t take their word for it.

Your mover should be available to answer any questions you have to put your mind at ease. A mover who does not answer the phone, doesn’t return calls or emails, is rude to you, or doesn’t seem to have time for your “silly” questions is not a mover you should put your faith in.

Just like in school, no question is a bad question. So ask away and make sure all of your questions are addressed.