We all are affected by the Coronavirus (the virus that causes the disease known as COVID-19). Everyone in every industry. While some are lucky enough that their jobs allow them to work from home, many others have been laid off or furloughed because their employers have closed their doors due to the Coronavirus. The service and entertainment industries have been hit the hardest – how can a movie theater or restaurant stay in business when the government is telling people to stay indoors and commanding businesses to close? To end this pandemic, social distancing is absolutely necessary, but the collateral damage is evident in the hit the economy is taking. The stock market took massive drops, businesses are closing, and people are losing their jobs. But amidst all the worry and dread, there are a few things people can turn to for hope.

For the purpose of our site which focuses on the moving industry, we would like to offer some guidance to both people looking to move and to moving companies themselves.For Moving Companies:

Moving companies have been affected by the Coronavirus just like any other service business. If you operate in a state that has been hit hard by the virus, like New York, you could see you upcoming moving schedule completely empty. This inevitably leads to layoffs, furloughs, and even the complete shutting down of a business. What can a mover do when they suddenly find themselves without work? Here are some options available to you:

  • Stimulus:On March 27th, 2020 the CARES ACT was signed into law. This stimulus bill was designed to help Americans of all stripes recover a bit of what is being lost during this highly unpredictable period of time in our lives. Here are 2 big things from this bill can could help you:
    • Money:Whether you work at a moving company or own a moving company, you can expect to receive up to $1,200 ($2,400 for married filing jointly) and an additional $500 for each child you have. There are limitations on how much you can get (if your salary is too high you could receive less than this amount, or none at all). Your 2018 tax return will be used to determine your eligibility if you have not yet filled your 2019 tax return.
    • Small Business Loans:As a moving company owner, you may be eligible for a small business loan. These loans have very generous terms (like a low bar for eligibility and not having to start paying it back for 8 weeks).
    • Unemployment Benefits:The benefits received under unemployment will be seeing a boost as well. You could get an extra $600 a week on top of your normal unemployment benefits for up to 4 months. General benefits have also been extended, with up to an extra 13 weeks of eligibility added.
  • Job Openings:If you lost your job or had to close your business due to the Coronavirus, there is no doubt that your worry over your financial future will increase. You’ll be happy to know that there are companies that are mass hiring during this time of economic uncertainty. From large retailers such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Walmart, to grocery and convenient stores, to monstrous behemoths such as Amazon, there are actually a lot of options available to someone used to working a blue-collar job. If you were previously lad off as a mover, you could easily switch over to doing deliveries for Amazon or a large grocer. Truckers are still busy across the country making sure integral supply chains are kept intact. A former moving company employee could be perfect for these sorts of jobs that play such a large role in keeping our society safe and well stocked. If you worked in the office side of a moving company, you can also find opportunities in other industries. Tech companies like Microsoft and Zoom are hiring thousands of engineers, finance whizzes, IT specialist, and salespeople to meet the increased demand brought on by the Coronavirus.

For People Looking to Move:

Industries across the world are suffering at the hands of the Coronavirus. The effects being layoffs, furloughs, reductions in pay, reduction in hours, and an overall sense of dread for your financial future. If you need a moving company for an upcoming move, you might have the following concerns:

  1. You might not be able to afford a moving company anymore.
  2. The moving companies you are considering are no longer operating.
  3. You are delaying your move due to social distancing.

In terms of #1, the Stimulus and Job Openings mentioned in the previous section can help you financially as well. In terms of #2, there are still a significant amount of moving companies operating across the country. If the mover you were considering is closed, don’t worry just yet. Keep doing your research and you may still be able to find an active moving company in your area. For #3, if you are canceling your move for social distancing purposes, you are not out of luck. Movers will be back and running at full capacity as soon as the crisis has died down a bit – they may even offer special rates to get their businesses back and running under a full schedule. If the cost of a moving company is going to be a concern once you are ready to move, there are truck rental and partial moving services that you could look into to help you save some money.

We are all being hit hard by the Coronavirus, but with social distancing and following cleanliness guidelines we can beat this disease and get back to the normal flow of things. Moving companies and people looking for movers alike have options for what can help stem the tide of worry while we wait for this crisis to end. The CARES ACT is a good start, and politicians are continually looking for ways to ease the burden on the population.

Stay safe!

-MovingCompanies.com Team

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